Trees in Town

After reading about yarnbombing (yarnstorming to the politically correct among you) during my online Google Search class, I realized — once again — how ahead of the curve I am. A few years back when I thought creating jewelry might be my next area to conquer (and I was sorely mistaken) — friends donated lots of wire, beads, and nice little pliers. The jewelry thing never really worked out. What did work out, though, was my creating six foot long strands of glass beads while watching Hulu Plus episodes of the original Twilight Zone on Apple TV. Once these strands were completed, the obvious place to hang them was — of course — around the tree trunks in the front yard. Most specifically, the crabapple tree began to bedazzle the neighborhood with its splendid trunklace. Get it — trunklace — not necklace? If I could sell my clever, I’d be rich. Treelaces? Oh pffft. PIffle.

My trunklaces last about four months and fell victim to the over-zealous climbing activities of Oliver and Emmett. I felt no remorse or disappointment when the glass beads flew off the wires and into the yard and rolled down the sidewalk. My neighbor called the trunklaces “tree jewelry”. Perhaps it is time to revisit the trunklace idea — what with fall and the leaves not being on limbs and the nakedness of nature in the winter and all that.

I suspect yarnbombing, when left on a tree for any amount of time, will cause the bark to either rot or to be infected by fungal problems or insect infestations. I know people around here are ignorant of how to rake pinestraw as they pile it, ass high, around the trunks of the trees in their yard. If pinestraw can fubarr a tree, I imagine wool yarn or GASP acrylic yarn can really mess it up.

Ahhh! Environmentalist art gone belly-up. The best intentions of the colorful stringed masses gone awry. Don’t yarnbomb nature, young people, you will kill trees. Only yarnbomb man-made objects like bicycles, strollers, and old people who sit too long on park benches.


pssssst … the J K Rowling book is very enjoyable. A Casual Vacancy is something you definitely should read. Reminds me of my favorite author, Elizabeth George. Rowling’s descriptions are very Georgian. The struggle, the class warfare, the Romeo and Juliet aspect of the book — all aspects considerably interesting. Don’t underestimate the power of this book.



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