What is a Cubist Collage?


For real information about a Cubist Collage, click here for a more relevant post.

An attorney in Brooklyn, NY recently sent a link to a very interesting discussion concerning collages.

Since laywers have to go to collage for a long time, I figured he knew what he was talking about.

I went to collage in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and even Holland (that’s The Netherlands for your purists).

Collages… my favorite way to learn:

“Collage has thus been deployed both as a mode of political resistance and as a protest against the commodity form, as an instrument of totalitarian propaganda and as a capitalist advertising tactic. It was this oscillation—a sweeping applicability to both the popular and the political, consumption and negation—that would usher in the late-twentieth-century turn to collage as a common and essential form of rethinking, repositioning, and reworking media.”

do not take photos in the museum.

At the Warhol, we learned that YOU do not take photos in the museum.

That’s from ArtForum, a very remarkable read for anyone artistically inclined.



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