Vision Into Art, Oceanic Verses Kickstarter Project

Photo of The Bee Baby by Valerie MacEwan
Fascinating — reading descriptions and details of ideas and realtime involvement. Reading through the Kickstarter Project Proposals is an education unto itself. Take, for instance, the current Kickstarter in-the-funding-stage project (needs a little over $3,000 by Jan. 5) presented by Vision in Art “Oceanic Verses”. If I had the time, the money, the wherewithall, this would be my chisel*. (*thanks Tommy Tiernan)

The project description: OCEANIC VERSES is a multimedia opera created by acclaimed new music composer Paola Prestini in collaboration with film artist Ali Hossaini and librettist Donna Di Novelli. 

For more information, visit the project page: Oceanic Verses.

Even more interesting, to me anyway, is the entire VisionIntoArt idea. And, bringing my thoughts full circle, its mission statement that I’ve copied below from the website

Mission Statement

Collaborating across forms and cultures, via creates transmedia works drawn from contemporary society, transcending genre — from new music to politics — VIA challenges audiences to see and hear differently. A diverse, multi-disciplinary collective, inhabiting sound and sharing process, via embraces the role of the artist as public intellectual and political commentator.


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