Using Adolescent Novels to Disseminate Agricultural Information

Victor Appleton created boy heroes.

Some of the oddest items in my collection would have to be my boy-hero novels from the early 190s to the 1930’s. No decent segue here — bear with me….

I grew up in the days of long car trips spent playing either car tag bingo or listening to my parents talk about the past.

Oh, and saying, “Mom, John looked at me.”

One of my parent’s favorite conversational games involved Tom Swifties. If you know about Swifties, smile. If you don’t, google Tom Swift and Victor Appleton. For the uninitiated, think Nancy Drew for boys with clever grammatical twists.

I began my collection unwittingly. My dad’s books grace my shelves and when I recognized similar types of books, Rob and I would grab them up for $1 – $2. This week I will begin to catalog my collection and scan some of the pages and covers.

Writing about these books opens up a goose egg full of topics to blog about in the future.

Car trips with siblings in the 1960s.
How kids make their parents crazy, then grow up and have kids who make them crazy in the same way.
Springtime in the Carolinas – because I’m swinging on the front porch swing in March with Birks and shorts and the birds are all over the place, the apricot tree and the crabapples blossoms are about to slam bloom.
Dogs and pretty weather. Neighborhoods.
The cardinals are back — an event which is so charming and lovely I could weep.

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