Thomas Erskine on the Advantages of Free Speech

When men can freely communicate their thoughts and their sufferings, real or imaginary, their passion spend themselves in air, like gunpowder scatter upon the surface; but pent up by terrors, they work unseen, burst forth in a moment, and destroy everything in their course.

(Rex v. Paine, 1792)

That’s what is on my mind today … free speech and its consequences. With or without.

The Container Corporation of America ran a series of ads in 1950s somewhere, probably Time Magazine, where they published, on their ads, Great Ideas of Western Man. That quote above was #1 in the series.


Makes you think about corporate ads today. All full of lizards or snappy dressed men claiming to be Chaos, or the ads today that show nothing, make you think hard on what it is they’re selling.

Corporate America. And then all of those of us left behind … wishing for some corporation to come in and save us, to reopen all the little factories dotted around this tiny town, all closed and plywood covered windows, graffiti and nonsense. Years ago, decades ago, you could graduate from high school and walk into a job here. Singer, shirt factories, other textile industries, all gone .. gone in the short amount of time I’ve lived here, since 1985. Hard to believe. We are a shell of what was once. Now we are a shill for tourism, our only industry. The bit of industrial goodness we have has been sold off and how many more times will that happen before their doors are closed. Good bye Stanadyne, farewell Flanders Filters.

America. At the mercy of the 1%.

Read more. Speak more. Be more.

thanks again for not reading. See you in the funny papers.



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