The TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum Progress Notes

International Fluxhibition #4 is online and might I say, Cecil Touchon has done quite an amazing job. While a formal introduction (shaking of hands and how-are-you?s) does not yet exist between us, the use of “Mr. Touchon” seems a bit formal here so I shall assume we are now on a first name basis. There’s a new Flux Case project and we Fluxers have our ephemera all in a wad over it. I’m thinking some stereoptican slides, sliced precisely to fit, might have to be part of my offering to the project. I have quite a number of the slides and nothing is more flux than blending two pictures into one three-dimensional image – am I right or what!?

ON another note: Cecil’s works in a briefcase idea really appeals to the assemblagist in me. Being a touchy-feely artist, a suitcase street show will certainly be my next project. (link to Cecil’s Stendhal Gallery offering available below) The art world of Fluxus and Mail Art seems incredibly vibrant and alive with possibilities. Everyone welcomes input. Could this be the True Art Paradigm? An atmosphere of sharing and cooperation rather than exclusivity and rejection? I, for one, hate hate HATE having work “judged” and vow to enter for a fee no more. My art simply IS my art. The Freedom of Knowing reigns supreme over The Confines of Judgmental Atmospheric Stratospheres.

Back to my next FREE ART happening. I hear you asking “How does one come up with these brilliant ideas?” I hear me answering, “Simple, really. Our local arts council currently hosts a member’s show. This rather static event is interesting and fun but none of the submissions move or inspire human liquidity.” I decided to Flux-It-Up and posted a FREE ART! TAKE IT! IT’S YOURS! display and gifted local patrons with Artists Books. Handmade and delicious but not for human consumption. Assemblages are hands-on artifacts. I want people to touch and scrutinize my work. We live in a such a HANDS OFF THE PAINTINGS, DO NOT TOUCH, STAND BEHIND THE ROPE world, it’s tough to get it across to folks that I want them to participate in my art.

Taking the free art idea and combining it with Cecil’s recent Stendhal Gallery offering

Knowing many contributors to the Fluxmuseum would be at the Stendhal Gallery for the exhibit: Greetings from Daddaland: Fluxus, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps, I hastily gathered together a number of small works from fluxhinition #2, #3 and #4 that would fit into a brief case and took them with me to ‘show and tell’.

I have come up with a new idea.

A TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum.

Unfortunately, my current studio and personage is within the confines of a rather diminutive rural southern town.  My acting out the Street Corner Traveling Fluxus Show would probably result in a mandatory 72-hour stay on the fourth floor of the local county hospital, signed by local magistrate David Curtis. Still, hope abides deep within and perhaps I can persuade the arts council to sponsor me — an act which possibly, quite maybe, would result in some smattering of decorum and authenticity and not in my incarceration in a nearby “for your own safety” facility.

Here’s my proposal.

Think 3-card monte meets street vendor, NYC-style. Only I’m shuffling artists books and I do not want your money. The Assemblagist will fill the four-legged suitcase with Artist Books and ephemera. The Amazing Suitcase will be placed in front of a willing establishment and next to suitcase will be a wooden kitchen chair of indeterminate lineage but sturdy enough for the Assemblagist to sit upon as she opens the suitcase and dispenses the contents to all who are willing to accept them. As of today, the only willing establishment is the Dead Mule Studio location, which is a good six blocks from downtown commerce and not a part of Music in the Street but I will persevere and ever-hope for my continued success.

This show goes live on May 24, 2010 but it’s gonna’ have to be on my front porch and available only throughout Memorial Day weekend.  While you’re waiting for me to photograph and load images of the

Traveling Flux Museum Amazing Suitcase Street Show,

you can watch this YouTube video about how NOT to be scammed by Three-Card Monte shysters on Broadway.

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