The Dead Mule updates

We’re working on the Dead Mule back-end. This requires rewriting some of the code and stripping some of the old code. This means some of the “:?., and more are fubarred. Quotations marks are no longer ” but more like &*M or somesuch nonsense. Please bear with us. It’s not any fun for us to see the Mule all in such a sad state.

We have other jobs, other commitments.

Today, the Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show reared its pretty little head and I had to prepare the work I intended to exhibit. For some artists this would mean taking a painting from a stack and framing it and taking it to the arts council. For me, it means running around the studio, grabbing objects, finding a suitable stage or base and then attaching the objects to that base … all the while composing, in my head, some kind of dialog which describes why the objects need to be together. And that dialog would never accompany the pieces, oh no, they are in my head. Poor parts. I seek not to have any of my pieces reach accolades or prize level. I just want people around here to see just what the hell it is I am doing with all the stuff I get out of their trash on Tuesdays.

I’ll post photos of the work I submitted when possible. One piece is titled “American Visionary” and the other is “Tina, Who Went to China”.

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