The Beckman Trade-Off Triangle

Years ago, longer than life I think, my mom learned the Beckman Trade-off Triangle. If my Photoshop / Illustrator skills were up to par — I’d draw it for you. Instead you must envision it. A perfect triangle, each side a word: CREDIT — KUDOS — COMPENSATION.

If you research trade-off triangles today, it’s a whole different kettle of fish. Project management rules the day: Resources abound. Time, Cost, Quantity. Not so with Beckman.

Beckman argued that two of the sides were necessary in any personal endeavor. Mom applied it to volunteerism. Are you thanked and appreciated? Is there money or some sort of payment involved? How about public exposure or credit?

Since no one is reading this, I can tell no one that typing on this Apple small keyboard sucks donkey toes and I can’t write today. Once I’m on the better keyboard, I will better explain the significance of this post.

see ya in the funny papers … not.

and speaking of not — not the Beckman Trade off Triangle:

trade off triangle


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