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When I Was A Republican in College 1972

This season’s political climate makes me nostalgic. No yearning for the old days nostalgia, just remembering old days nostalgia. My political past makes today’s young pups look incredibly tame; their adventures so incredibly lame. I am a Nixon Era political science student. We did not study the 1960s, we lived them. And the 1970s. By 1980, my Republican diaspora turned me into a Libertarian and found me campaigning for Ed Clark (the Alaskan worth his salt on the national political […]

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Part Two of a Series I started this tale a few days ago and interruptions keep piling up on top of each other like bad news on election day — affecting my ability to get on with the story. The Saga continues as I enter the Junior High School Age. Winthrop Rockefeller wrestled control of the Arkansas legislative process from Orval Faubus and put a stop to gambling in Hot Springs (Casinos and slot machines not horse racing, Oaklawn Thoroughbred […]