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Sean Bertran Owes Morrow an Apology

If you walked outside your house one morning and looked next door, saw your neighbor’s car had been spray painted with graffiti and defaced — what would you do? Well, you’d alert your neighbor and if your neighbor wasn’t home, you’d call the police. Right? No question about it. If the graffiti was written as a racial slur, would that make your reaction any different? Would you photograph the slur and then post it on the Internet and tell everyone […]

Morrow for Congress and back to artistic ventures

It seems that the whole hacking incident involving Deb Morrow’s twitter feed is now resolved. What a relief! Deb Morrow put it to rest. She exhibited grace under pressure and refrained from naming anyone suspected to be involved in the debacle. We’re pursuing every technological method to find out the origin of the message. As of yet, we have received no confirmation that anyone other than a young Republican in Washington D.C. even saw the original tweet. Once we have […]

Online Bullying — Does it spread to hacking Twitter accounts?

It’s a confusing online world we live in. Sometimes the truth is out there but it’s so very difficult to find. Take the dismal Twitter account hack of Deb Morrow’s Congressional information Twitter account. This woman is trying her damndest to get into the fight, the political fight and she’s an honest hard-working decent person. She really is. I defy anyone to find anything nasty about her anytime in her entire life. She’s one of the good guys (gals). So […]

Sean Bertran

Earlier this week, I alleged Sean Bertran hacked Deb Morrow’s Twitter account and tweeted slurs against her opponent in an effort to draw attention to himself and to drag Deb Morrow’s name through the dirt. It’s just the sort of dirty politics some young kid just out of college who’s never had a real job except lifeguard-ing would do… what a little cuntknuckle Sean Bertran is… –redact– nah… he didn’t… update time — Sean doesn’t know enough about computer code, […]