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Shelter Island vs Rodeo

Well, the rodeo won out, with Shelter Island viewing coming in on Monday instead of today. We’re going to the Bob Martin Agri Center and I’m hoping the sights and scenes will provide much artistic fodder. Artists and writers must get out of the studio and observe, duh… of course you know that, but for me the real treat is in observing and photographing those who dwell outside my comfort zone. Horses were a part of my life for many […]

A poem as “liquid fluxus”

I recently discovered, via a Facebook friend, UbuWeb.com and Henri Chopin’s poetry. This discussion, quoted from ubuweb, just thrills me.  You can listen to Chopin by clicking here. go ahead, do it… listen to a Cantata for Two Farts The poem is a liquid fluxus, a microscopic biological reality, rise and decadence of cellular structures, a pulp, a <<voice from the whole body transformed into audible space>>, as Zumthor noted; all this at once with excursions in the third dimension […]

Everybody was fluxus fightin’, that art was fast as lightnin’

Verily I say unto you… anyone can join in an argument of Fluxus Relativity. Therein lies the rub, the point, the purpose, of the Very Fluxus Which We Love. Agree with me not. Fluxus is a post-World War II international phenomenon, a sort of anti-movement that worked between the various media, spawning the term “intermedia.” Under its broad umbrella artists created works of an ephemeral nature, often mailing their products to other Fluxartists and their fans. Artists as major and […]

Fluxus Lives and Never Dies

A question, posed by the Demonstrative Fluxus Administrator Cecil Touchon, answered thusly upon the Facebook Fluxus collective: Flux is distinct from Fluxus. Fluxus relates to an ongoing process. Flux relates and inflates, describes and contains a physical body of work. It encompasses mathematical possibilities as well as a state of mind. The eternal quantifier with a legitimate definition in the confines of the material and dimensional universe. Fluxus is emotion and art and without the sum of whole, there is […]

Parallel Synchronized Randomness

In “The Science of Sleep” Gael García Bernal creates a fascinating and – to those of us who live in the Fluxus World – totally understandable vision of of a man’s life wherein the dream becomes the reality and the reality contains fragments of truth and lie. Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee. In grade school, now here is the ultimate Fluxus Flashback, Julie Grettum sang “Beautiful Dreamer” as a solo, on stage, must […]

9 – A StEAmPUnk Movie for the rest of us

at last my love is here to stay. It is in punks, the steam variety. And one does not become punked, steampunk is not a verb, it is art. A form, a variety so intensely profound and simplistic in its form — the virtual embodiment of Fluxus, the nexus of steampunk is the sheer futility of international influence to condense form into l punditry. Pendantic promise. My talisman experiment. More forthcoming, perhaps fifth, soon upon this knowledge of 9. Were […]

Andy Warhol Museum and a Muse When I See ’em

Fluxus Thoughts on my recent visit to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh: When events occur during one’s consciousness, said occurrences become commonplace, the every day background influence of the every day. I suspect 9/11 will become such a phenomenon. Take World War II, for example. To my parents, the greatest generation, the War defined the remaining decades of their lives. A lurid past experience that both tainted and enhanced every event. War never leaves. This current set of wars, […]

Thusly she hath retourn’d

After a trip to the hinterlands, The Assemblagist doth bloggeth again. A complete post shall be endured upon the morrow… please retourneth to this place along with us… Welcome me home, oh loved ones. It has been a Museum Time. Went to the Andy Warhol Museum in the ‘burgh. More on that adventure coming soon — tamoxifen buy steroids Buy Without Prescription zithromax 750 mg price yasmin hani pills clonidine transdermal patch dose Buy requip picture trandate reviews online topamax […]

Gusty Gael Wins Windbag Title

It seems to me, just a little ol’ assemblagist, that Dorothy and Ruth may have received some instruction from the Irishman who, in 1954, set a nonstop speaking record. When interviewed about Mr. Sheehan’s feat, Dorothy replied, “It’s all in the ability to change subjects without thinking about the subjects and one just keeps on blathering until the pattering and nattering begins to cause cerebral explosions and corpuscle cringes in the listening and attentively persuant audience which sits at my […]

Legacy for Unloved Lizards

British colonel outwaits dead wife’s dying pets The lizard whose name is Timmy leads a luxurious but loveless life. Things were different for him just after the war when the wife of a British officer, Mrs. Marion Kellett, took Timmy and six other lizards from Egypt to their new home in Natal, South Africa. Paying $800 duty on them, Mrs.s Kellett fed her pets fresh flowers and green peas, adorned them with collars and bells, and called each by name. […]