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Artists Books Made From Real Books

Currently speaking, the obsession of this Assemblagist is to fold books. Paperbacks, 1950s Reader’s Digests, NC geography textbooks from 1930s but of course you already know that if you read my blog. The difficult part of the process lies in constructing the covers for the books. I make the covers from all manner of items. The Center for Book Arts is a good opening move for you if you want to see how books are made.

The New Fluxus? NuvoFluxus

NuvoFluxus? Definition? Let me offer one. The definition of NuvoFluxus is: Assuming an art position separate from Fluxus, new and contrived but based upon the principles of Fluxus Historic which, arguably is Dead or Alive… a continuous process of nether art based upon the idea of flow. NuvoFluxus MacEwan. Utilizing the materials at hand. Creating a nuvo-combination. More on this coming soon… crestor equivalent simvastatin doses drug alli mauzey contact effects adalat watch online desi tashan drug inderal interactions with […]