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What to do when you can’t find the right tool for the job

I am stymied in my 200 artist book manufacture. The first 35 went quickly into production and I utilized E6000 glue to create the spine. E6000 will secure a live chicken to the bumper of a Volvo.  But now the book covers will be comprised of matchbook covers and I need small, ever so tiny, staples to secure the spines. Stapled Spines. Sounds like a punk rock group, doesn’t it? Or like my personal spine, lumbar-fused with pedicle screws. For […]

Vintage MatchBooks size C8 — ISO paper size.

Do you ISO or do I? Found out something truly fascinating today when I perused a knowledge lidbit (which is slightly more than a tidbit) concerning what the dimensions of a piece A4 paper is. Come to find out, standard paper sizes are based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of 2 or  [√2 = 1:1.4142] The way to figure out dimensions is to fold an A4 size piece of paper in half, do it again, again, […]

Vintage matchbooks in assemblage art

Been working my little collage fingers to the bone. Well, that ain’t really true, because it went from collage to assemblage in one fell swoop. Blammo… it started when I found these provocative matchbooks in the pile o’what can I do with this? stuff in the studio desk drawer. Rather than just have the matches sitting around collecting dust bunnies – I plucked out the flammable portion and commenced to frame the little suckers. Then, once framed and snappy snippy, […]

Matchbook Covers as Art

The last Woodside Antiques auction we attended must have been in, what… January? That’s when we acquired the Victorian scrapbook and the sewing basket filled with dozens of spools of vintage thread. And the Victorian handmade lace, the 1920s dresses… great bunches of “stuff” at some very low prices. Yes, I’m talking to myself. Didn’t I end up with a huge box filled with matchbooks? It was the time I bid without knowing I’d done so? Yeah, it’s all coming […]