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An email to Mary Bennett

The heat causes lunacy. Sunshine and clouds mixed. Very hot. Heat index near 110F. High near 100F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph. Truly… and to prove my insanity, let me copy/paste my Sunday morning email message to dear Mary in Arkansas: Everyone needs to make a flux case. Old fishing tackle boxes make great flux cases, especially when combined with little plastic lure cases. We ventured out in heat yesterday to go to movie in Gville (30 min […]

Early Influences and Disturbing Trends – Bullies?

The topic? Bullies. Been thinking about grade school through high school, trying to remember who pushed people around at Echols Grade School, Kimmons Junior High or Northside. It’s odd to recall cliques 40 years later, hell, who am I kidding… 50 years later. Don’t groups begin to form around first grade? Friends come and go, few relationships remain constant throughout adolescence. Less than a handful of people who were the center of my existence during the 1960s still remain in […]