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Ding Dong. It’s not the landshark, it’s a torn meniscus.

I shouldn’t be here. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. I’m supposed to be on the couch, watching Apple TV goodness and participating in the RICE routine for my poor fubarred knee. I’ve watched every episode of that Canadian wonder: Intelligence. Incredible show, boy howdy that Ian Tracy can really create a great Jimmy Reardon. Watch the show and find out how the Canucks really feel about the US. And for me, after just a few episodes, my resolve to see the […]

UR Toy Story cards to be mailed ASAP

Card #2 for UR TOY STORY: Nuvofluxus loves UR Toy Story and Jennifer Zoellner’s mail art projects. These are the BASE CARDS which will contain more goodness when glue and et ceteras are included upon their person. THINK WORDS and GAMES… will post finished “cards” on Monday. We (as in the Queen and I, royally working our asses off) have created THREE cards thus far. We also have the small artist book from Madam Zoellner and will return it upon […]

Mail Art Becomes Me

As part of the Colbert Nation, I’m obviously a speed skating fan. But a new nation is beginning to form, an anonymous nation filled with ephemera and ink – the Richard Canard Nation. It’s no Illusion. Canard is spreading his invitations to citizenship throughout the world-wide real, not the world wide web. IUOMA citizens rejoice. Mr. Canard accepts all nationalities to his nation. Seriously folks, those who live in the Ass End of Some Great Dismal Swamp truly appreciate the […]