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Ben Patterson FLUX/us in Houston

In Houston, TX in the Brown Gallery of the Contemporary Arts Museum has something FABULOUS Ben Patterson’s FLUX/us exhibition Let me repeat that The Contemporary Art Museum [Houston TX] just opened a fantastic exhibition by Fluxus artist/composer Ben Patterson. Information about the Exhibit available by clicking here. Biographical information on Wikipedia click here. You can hear some of his compositions on UbuWeb here. Life is sweet when FluXus offers such delights. A really interesting brief biography of Patterson is available […]

The Eve of Fluxus

At THE EMILY HARVEY FOUNDATION (New York) September 17, 2010 6:30 to 9:30PM Announcing a Book Launch for The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir by Billie Maciunas Visit The Eve of Fluxus online and order your book now. The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir Arbiter Press, Winter Park, Florida, 2010 The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir reflects Billie Maciunas’ unique experience as researcher, poet, and witness through her marriage to George Maciunas to some of the most interesting art of […]

Everybody was fluxus fightin’, that art was fast as lightnin’

Verily I say unto you… anyone can join in an argument of Fluxus Relativity. Therein lies the rub, the point, the purpose, of the Very Fluxus Which We Love. Agree with me not. Fluxus is a post-World War II international phenomenon, a sort of anti-movement that worked between the various media, spawning the term “intermedia.” Under its broad umbrella artists created works of an ephemeral nature, often mailing their products to other Fluxartists and their fans. Artists as major and […]