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Ben Patterson FLUX/us in Houston

In Houston, TX in the Brown Gallery of the Contemporary Arts Museum has something FABULOUS Ben Patterson’s FLUX/us exhibition Let me repeat that The Contemporary Art Museum [Houston TX] just opened a fantastic exhibition by Fluxus artist/composer Ben Patterson. Information about the Exhibit available by clicking here. Biographical information on Wikipedia click here. You can hear some of his compositions on UbuWeb here. Life is sweet when FluXus offers such delights. A really interesting brief biography of Patterson is available […]

fluxus artist’s books – a folded retrospective shakespeare to salinger

Over 200 books folded and fabulous. Found a copy of Joe McGinniss “The Selling of the President” in paperback – on my shelf from a U of A class in 1973, required reading and it MUST BE USED, will begin fluxing the book today. *This post written just after Sarah Palin went apeshit over McGinniss living next door to her Mozilla Home. The post here talks about folding books also.

The TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum Progress Notes

International Fluxhibition #4 is online and might I say, Cecil Touchon has done quite an amazing job. While a formal introduction (shaking of hands and how-are-you?s) does not yet exist between us, the use of “Mr. Touchon” seems a bit formal here so I shall assume we are now on a first name basis. There’s a new Flux Case project and we Fluxers have our ephemera all in a wad over it. I’m thinking some stereoptican slides, sliced precisely to […]

A poem as “liquid fluxus”

I recently discovered, via a Facebook friend, UbuWeb.com and Henri Chopin’s poetry. This discussion, quoted from ubuweb, just thrills me.  You can listen to Chopin by clicking here. go ahead, do it… listen to a Cantata for Two Farts The poem is a liquid fluxus, a microscopic biological reality, rise and decadence of cellular structures, a pulp, a <<voice from the whole body transformed into audible space>>, as Zumthor noted; all this at once with excursions in the third dimension […]

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

On my recent visit to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh: When events occur during one’s consciousness, said occurrences become commonplace, the every day background influence of the every day. I suspect 9/11 will become such a phenomenon. Take World War II, for example. To my parents, the greatest generation, the War defined the remaining decades of their lives. A lurid past experience that both tainted and enhanced every event. War never leaves. This current set of wars, the Iraq […]

Fluxus Lives and Never Dies

A question, posed by the Demonstrative Fluxus Administrator Cecil Touchon, answered thusly upon the Facebook Fluxus collective: Flux is distinct from Fluxus. Fluxus relates to an ongoing process. Flux relates and inflates, describes and contains a physical body of work. It encompasses mathematical possibilities as well as a state of mind. The eternal quantifier with a legitimate definition in the confines of the material and dimensional universe. Fluxus is emotion and art and without the sum of whole, there is […]

Phonographical Time Traveler

It is time.  The Flux Monitor reveals all. Yes, patrons of the assemblage rag, the most recent of days contains many puzzling conundrums. Can a conundrum not puzzle? Let me redact. I have assembled all the necessary proponents for my Correlation Phonographical Time Traveler. At the present moment, only the smallest of object can transport – specifically caterpillars of only the American butterflies, such as the Ozark Woodland Swallowtail. Soon, therefore, larger species will be enabled. Direct Student Loan Home […]