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IUOMA T-Shirts

For the latest NOW I’m HIP LooK, seek no further. IUOMA shirts are now available online and they’re are CafePress quality, so you know they’re good for you. IUOMA Shirts and Stuff! Buy now! Save later! With a most gracious nod to Ruud Janssen who hath prepared for us this bounty, I give you… The T-Shirts… The wonder of IUOMA! And there’s more, click on the shirts to see the rest of the merchandise. Remember, my mail art partners, if […]

Artists Books Made From Real Books

Currently speaking, the obsession of this Assemblagist is to fold books. Paperbacks, 1950s Reader’s Digests, NC geography textbooks from 1930s but of course you already know that if you read my blog. The difficult part of the process lies in constructing the covers for the books. I make the covers from all manner of items. The Center for Book Arts is a good opening move for you if you want to see how books are made.

Fluxus Cla­quers or Not to Be

Hand Dancing, DC-style, begins to influence Transitional Fluxus in Many Indeterminate Ways. As we prepare for the New New Flux Paradigm, let us not forget the Univac 120 Fluxus Digital Media Transitioner. My thoughts and admiration today — sent out to Litsa Spathi of whom I do not know but greatly GREATLY admire. Occasionally, genius transpires and breathes life across all Facebook dimensions. Appreciation must be applauded IF ONLY when provided by legitimate non-monetary fluxus CLAQUERS. You can pay me […]

Flux-​ing East­ern North Carolina

In the ongoing quest to focus the eastern NC ass-end of the Lesser Dismal Swamp, artists note the absolute confines of regional geographic limitations represented by death flux intimations. Yes. Seriously. How can we form cubist flux from that which is rounded? Not available. A recent happening on Brown St. 1. The artist walks on right side of street along curb. 2. The artist stoops to retrieve a fallen crab apple, shudders and sighs. 3. The artist pitches the crab […]