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The TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum Progress Notes

International Fluxhibition #4 is online and might I say, Cecil Touchon has done quite an amazing job. While a formal introduction (shaking of hands and how-are-you?s) does not yet exist between us, the use of “Mr. Touchon” seems a bit formal here so I shall assume we are now on a first name basis. There’s a new Flux Case project and we Fluxers have our ephemera all in a wad over it. I’m thinking some stereoptican slides, sliced precisely to […]

The Return of Spencer Montgomery

Those avid readers of Mental Kudzu cannot help but recall with vivid clarity the previous incarnation of Spencer Montgomery and his lovely wifeling, Miss Margaret and yes we do, miss Margaret, I mean. It seems Flannagan Wilder has moved back into the trilingual area and functions in his post as curator once again for the Spatulate Museum.[Viewers should relate the link to be contained herewith sooner than later. See “to spagulate is spat upon” which will exist in the Gallery […]

My Flux is incapacitated.

Yes, children, gather ’round as the truth is related unto you. The FluxMuseum takes time and patience to inhabit. Becoming recently acquainted in the spiritual sense, lo’ I say, not yet in the physical or astrophysical, with Cecil Touchon – the amazing and literal existence of life and lies. Flux. It is. I am. “I don’t know where he’s going, I know she’ll help him if she can.” “Then she’s dating a fugitive and I can’t help either one of […]