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The Eve of Fluxus

At THE EMILY HARVEY FOUNDATION (New York) September 17, 2010 6:30 to 9:30PM Announcing a Book Launch for The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir by Billie Maciunas Visit The Eve of Fluxus online and order your book now. The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir Arbiter Press, Winter Park, Florida, 2010 The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir reflects Billie Maciunas’ unique experience as researcher, poet, and witness through her marriage to George Maciunas to some of the most interesting art of […]

A poem as “liquid fluxus”

I recently discovered, via a Facebook friend, UbuWeb.com and Henri Chopin’s poetry. This discussion, quoted from ubuweb, just thrills me.  You can listen to Chopin by clicking here. go ahead, do it… listen to a Cantata for Two Farts The poem is a liquid fluxus, a microscopic biological reality, rise and decadence of cellular structures, a pulp, a <<voice from the whole body transformed into audible space>>, as Zumthor noted; all this at once with excursions in the third dimension […]