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An Artistic Legerdemain

Work continues on the Ann Head but progress is slow. This sore throat/fever/aches and pain – stuffy and I can’t rest syndrome is for the birds. My sedentary days make the dogs nutzo bazooms because I won’t take them for a walk until the sun goes down and the air is cooler. My little household fills quickly with internal squalor as my health declines. Rob [my muse] remained home last night as The Assemblagist ventured out into the public domain […]

Thoughts occurring during the quiet before Christmas.

None of us will really go gracefully into that dark night. You should know we will kick and scream and try to stop death. You should know it’s not always visible — the struggle and yearning to stay right here in this very moment. It’s hidden sometimes, just behind the eyes, the fight to remain in this stage and not to transition to the next. You should know how to tell someone it’s alright to leave. How to say you’ll […]

Don’t close this browser window until upload is complete.

Are we ever really finished uploading the celestial orb? Wih the MacAir, the “don’t close” message is seemingly non-existent. When I worked in a Microsoft environment, I knew that the order to not close the window meant REALLY do NOT close the browser window… fatal system crashes would occur. *Update: In 2010, this type of message rarely occurs for the every-day web surfer. We have enough RAM to consider completing myriad tasks and objectives. The CPUs of old didn’t have […]

Vintage MatchBooks size C8 — ISO paper size.

Do you ISO or do I? Found out something truly fascinating today when I perused a knowledge lidbit (which is slightly more than a tidbit) concerning what the dimensions of a piece A4 paper is. Come to find out, standard paper sizes are based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of 2 or  [√2 = 1:1.4142] The way to figure out dimensions is to fold an A4 size piece of paper in half, do it again, again, […]

Assemblage Art

What trips your trigger? For me, it’s abandoned metal, cracked and chipped paint on an old piece of wood, an old chest of drawers with the legs missing… rusted elements of some forgotten automobile. I re-purpose discards and turn them into art. I assemble items someone left behind and create meaningful (?) dissonance. It’s a collage of three-dimensional proportions. Connected by wires, glue, screws, nails, string… more pieces of objects left behind. It’s the ultimate form of recycling — turning […]

Matchbook Covers as Art

The last Woodside Antiques auction we attended must have been in, what… January? That’s when we acquired the Victorian scrapbook and the sewing basket filled with dozens of spools of vintage thread. And the Victorian handmade lace, the 1920s dresses… great bunches of “stuff” at some very low prices. Yes, I’m talking to myself. Didn’t I end up with a huge box filled with matchbooks? It was the time I bid without knowing I’d done so? Yeah, it’s all coming […]

The Divine Placement of Elemental Objects

While in graduate school, I often read creative non-fiction to better fixate the details of an historic event within the context of its physical and timely occurrence.  My field of study, 19th century American history, provided me with inspiration for many of my assemblages. This week I work on “regions of optical power”. These boxes range in size from 3″x4″ to a large circa 1930s suitcase with a wood frame and canvas exterior. My mother-in-law gifted me with  the suitcase […]