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Paper53, You Made Me Cry

Taking a few months off from blogging to feed the beast. Thought I’d use the mini-iPad to do the dirty deed but it’s a pain in the ass to type on the little bitty blue tooth keyboard and it seems I just get started and the battery goes kerplunk. Had to wait to get here into the studio with the trusty iMac, the real deal, to type out some words of wiz. Thank you to all my Dead Mule supporters. […]

The Dead Mule updates

We’re working on the Dead Mule back-end. This requires rewriting some of the code and stripping some of the old code. This means some of the “:?., and more are fubarred. Quotations marks are no longer ” but more like &*M or somesuch nonsense. Please bear with us. It’s not any fun for us to see the Mule all in such a sad state. We have other jobs, other commitments. Today, the Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show reared […]

New Mule on June 5th

The spirit of the Dead Mule is reborn. Finally getting my literary journal publishing mojo back. On the front page of the Mule? Our new Southern Legitimacy Statement. Here’s an excerpt: Not one race, not one religion, and certainly not just one cause… the South contains all sides of all arguments. Help the best of “The South” stay as is and do not seek to destroy a unique culture. Remember, please, we are not simply a bunch of back-ass swamp-dwelling […]