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Back to Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale

I am first and foremost a writer, an author of both fiction and non-fiction. The artist wants to make that clear from the very start of this post. I began writing in 1962 and I have never stopped. There are three complete novels in my Documents folder. It is time to release them into the world (as my mom would say). I will begin with “Dancing With Uncle Virgil, An Arkansas Tale” — a novel completed around 1996 and re-edited […]

Danc­ing With Uncle Virgil

I begin the holiday season with the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Dancing With Uncle Virgil. Okay, Andreas, stop smirking, you read it ten years ago but I say it’s STILL UPCOMING. Yes, Caroline, I know this is the “novel” that got me into the Ploughshares International Fiction Writing Seminar (Emerson College, Kastel Well, The Netherlands) in 1996… but it’s still forthcoming, upcoming, and not finished… So, without further ado, let us begin reading! Chapter ONE Peacocks, Geese, and […]