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What is a Cubist Collage?

  For real information about a Cubist Collage, click here for a more relevant post. An attorney in Brooklyn, NY recently sent a link to a very interesting discussion concerning collages. Since laywers have to go to collage for a long time, I figured he knew what he was talking about. I went to collage in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and even Holland (that’s The Netherlands for your purists). Collages… my favorite way to learn: “Collage has thus been […]

The Fear of all Sums – An Artist Statement

My father Bob Heinold had some truly fantastic sayings to insert at the proper moment. This morning I remember a sly, sideways smile as he told me, “Some are born to lead,” in response to my winning an honorable mention for a  science fair project in the 7th grade. 1967 or thereabouts. Mom used to say things like “They told me you weren’t fit to eat with the pigs and I said you were.” If she was particularly vexed with […]