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Fluxus Institute’s Graduate Studies Program

According to the FluxNexus, Cecil Touchon’s Fluxus Institute’s Graduate Studies Program information is now available online. It seems appropriate that I enlist in such a program having not quite completed my Masters study at East Carolina University due to lack of interest on my part. Got rather tired of writing my thesis which involved researching the post-WWII GI Bill’s affect on the expansion of higher learning institutions in eastern NC and gag me but that was one boring topic. I […]

The TrAVeliNG FluX mUSEum Progress Notes

International Fluxhibition #4 is online and might I say, Cecil Touchon has done quite an amazing job. While a formal introduction (shaking of hands and how-are-you?s) does not yet exist between us, the use of “Mr. Touchon” seems a bit formal here so I shall assume we are now on a first name basis. There’s a new Flux Case project and we Fluxers have our ephemera all in a wad over it. I’m thinking some stereoptican slides, sliced precisely to […]

Fluxus Discussed Again

Poo help me but it truly invigorates me to discuss Fluxus. I waited months for a FB conversation to come around involving more than how absolutely marvelous life is, how great my grandballoons are (truly they are) and “like” buttons creating a non-conversation of approval. Not knocking the FB experience… ya’ll. Just saying, I wanted more. The days of .alt discussions seemed to wax and wane like the moon and the tides. My ephemeral character lost its glow. The cat […]

Everybody was fluxus fightin’, that art was fast as lightnin’

Verily I say unto you… anyone can join in an argument of Fluxus Relativity. Therein lies the rub, the point, the purpose, of the Very Fluxus Which We Love. Agree with me not. Fluxus is a post-World War II international phenomenon, a sort of anti-movement that worked between the various media, spawning the term “intermedia.” Under its broad umbrella artists created works of an ephemeral nature, often mailing their products to other Fluxartists and their fans. Artists as major and […]

Fluxus Lives and Never Dies

A question, posed by the Demonstrative Fluxus Administrator Cecil Touchon, answered thusly upon the Facebook Fluxus collective: Flux is distinct from Fluxus. Fluxus relates to an ongoing process. Flux relates and inflates, describes and contains a physical body of work. It encompasses mathematical possibilities as well as a state of mind. The eternal quantifier with a legitimate definition in the confines of the material and dimensional universe. Fluxus is emotion and art and without the sum of whole, there is […]

My Flux is incapacitated.

Yes, children, gather ’round as the truth is related unto you. The FluxMuseum takes time and patience to inhabit. Becoming recently acquainted in the spiritual sense, lo’ I say, not yet in the physical or astrophysical, with Cecil Touchon – the amazing and literal existence of life and lies. Flux. It is. I am. “I don’t know where he’s going, I know she’ll help him if she can.” “Then she’s dating a fugitive and I can’t help either one of […]