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Divestiture of Valued Objects

Here’s my Christmas thought — I would like to tell my children and their spouses/significant others this: Come to my/our house between December 25-January 2nd and choose five (5) items you want. Then take the Five Items with you. If I do this every birthday and Christmas (my birthday and theirs) I figure I can empty my house in 17 years. This divestiture includes my random object removal process via Goodwill and Salvation Army to accompany the What Do You […]

An Artistic Legerdemain

Work continues on the Ann Head but progress is slow. This sore throat/fever/aches and pain – stuffy and I can’t rest syndrome is for the birds. My sedentary days make the dogs nutzo bazooms because I won’t take them for a walk until the sun goes down and the air is cooler. My little household fills quickly with internal squalor as my health declines. Rob [my muse] remained home last night as The Assemblagist ventured out into the public domain […]

Sok Gallery

My goal, 200 artist books, seems almost attainable. I’m to 60+ books and the end of April (my self-imposed deadline) looms far not near. Yesterday’s additions derived from a new source! The Watergate Tapes… I’m folding the book that inspired my winning 3-D piece – “Fishing for Nixon”. Aged paperbacks fold nicely, thank you very much. The gallery photos arrive soon to an assemblagist near you… zestoretic 40 mg generic zocor dosage duration side effects Topamax yasmin drug interactions price […]

One-Girl Band with Floogle Horn Attachment

I was a one-girl band in the mid-1960s. My parents somehow procured an entire “band” which could be strapped to one’s chest and hung over shoulders. The front contained a washboard with a scrub brush, a floogle horn-type assemblage, lots of cymbals, , a bicycle horn, spoons and the rear assembly could be activated with a lever. I don’t remember what all was included, just how wonderful the entire ensemble sounded to my seven-year-old ears. My daughter likes to remind […]