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Remembering The Prostitution of Art, 2010

Recalling previous art “calls” so that would be Art ReCalls? Oh hell yes.

One-Girl Band with Floogle Horn Attachment

I was a one-girl band in the mid-1960s. My parents somehow procured an entire “band” which could be strapped to one’s chest and hung over shoulders. The front contained a washboard with a scrub brush, a floogle horn-type assemblage, lots of cymbals, , a bicycle horn, spoons and the rear assembly could be activated with a lever. I don’t remember what all was included, just how wonderful the entire ensemble sounded to my seven-year-old ears. My daughter likes to remind […]

Assemblage Art

What trips your trigger? For me, it’s abandoned metal, cracked and chipped paint on an old piece of wood, an old chest of drawers with the legs missing… rusted elements of some forgotten automobile. I re-purpose discards and turn them into art. I assemble items someone left behind and create meaningful (?) dissonance. It’s a collage of three-dimensional proportions. Connected by wires, glue, screws, nails, string… more pieces of objects left behind. It’s the ultimate form of recycling — turning […]

The Sisters of the Inquisition

It’s getting close to finish time for the Sisters of the Inquisition. Problem right now is photography since the regular photos make the piece look pretty damn shabby. It’s outsider art. Painted on the back of a chair and on the side of a cuckoo clock, then fused. Think of the chair back as  an spread open wide “C” with the piece of cuckoo clock in the middle. Then there’s a golden baby without the top of its head and […]

Mayflies hatching on an open fire…

Jack dogs nipping at your nose. Tiny sluts with their flies all aglow… Truly, ya’ll, the Mayflies hatched in a superb fashion after the last rain shower. Gabillions of them, swarming the back porch – they get into your eyes, hair, *gag me* mouth and if you don’t know Mayflies, you don’t know Nymphs. They are so tragic, a gentle breeze can slap them into a tree trunk and kill them dead. But the most amazing fact – just come […]

Yes, Virginia, there is an Assemblagist.

This new website is kicking my Ass -emblage capabilities. The 600×200 graphics aren’t loading correctly [this is where we serve the wine] and the thumbnails refuse to submit to their 120×120 requirements [bring in the small platter of brie] … to submit my taxied brain to further degradation, the template is fubarred by my constant incorrect line-edit manipulation. I shall retire to my dressing place and contemplate the universal roundhouse wherein my mental train resides. Hand me those Ritz crackers, […]