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The Assemblagist Assembles

The Assemblagist, Valerie MacEwan, loads her first WPA today.


In the development of the Absolute, the definition of the substance evolves into a pluralistic tendency grounded firmly in the realism of the period.

An Artistic Legerdemain

Work continues on the Ann Head but progress is slow. This sore throat/fever/aches and pain – stuffy and I can’t rest syndrome is for the birds. My sedentary days make the dogs nutzo bazooms because I won’t take them for a walk until the sun goes down and the air is cooler. My little household fills quickly with internal squalor as my health declines. Rob [my muse] remained home last night as The Assemblagist ventured out into the public domain […]

Artist’s Books Made From Old Textbooks

Using a folding technique I picked up online (like a tramp during fleet week, the template screamed at me from across the dock), new books spring forth (not fall back) from the studio. Acquired a 1938 sixth grade geography book “The New World Past and Present” and after reading all about the South after the Civil War which wasn’t at all civil, now was it?, I decided to rip out the map pages and fold them into nice little NuvoFluxus […]

Plastic Sleeves for Matchbooks

I stumbled into an amazing cacaphony of matchbooks about three years ago. Michael Cable’s Woodside Antiques, an auction house in Farmville North Carolina, offered box loads of stuff at the end of a large estate sale. Cable is a marvelous auctioneer who inserts bits of trivia with every round of bidding. I hesitate to admit how much of my household detritus and ephemera was purchased through his auctions. Lots of decapitated dolls and schmucky bric-a-brac which somehow became art… Responding […]

Art for the Little Art Show – fundraiser for BCAC

I got all happy-grab and committed to five (5) canvases for the Beaufort County Art Show fundraiser. See here for details. Joey Toler, neighbor and head o’the arts council, was inspired by similar fundraisers held by similar arts councils, knew he had a great conflagration of artistical people within hollering distance of downtown. When I delivered my contributions today, Joey gave me a glimpse of what’s been donated so far and the art is fabulous! Even if you don’t live […]

A Book About Death moves into its next phase

Welsh artist Sonja Benskin Mesher is creating an installment of the international “A Book About Death” series. The link is for the Call for Submissions page. Deadline is March 16, 2010 for .jpgs of artist’s submissions for this segment of the International Exhibition. Obviously this is an abbreviated post — much more shall be said regarded this project, Matthew Rose, Ms. Ferrara, etc…….. When I view art exhibitions of this level and magnitude, the corny creative search for synonyms begins […]

The Society for the Preservation of Southern Vernacular & e-assemblages

I am reinstating my Society for the Preservation of Southern Vernacular. [that’s not a link, okay, so don’t mouse over it hoping for a surprise or for clarification of any sort] It’s time to preserve… and reflect. The Kindle contribution to my internal knowledge base included last Sunday’s (02/28/10) article on Race in the South. Naturally, I thought the article was about NASCAR . [That’s a great joke, me, you should do more of that. Okay, I will.] Race has […]

One-Girl Band with Floogle Horn Attachment

I was a one-girl band in the mid-1960s. My parents somehow procured an entire “band” which could be strapped to one’s chest and hung over shoulders. The front contained a washboard with a scrub brush, a floogle horn-type assemblage, lots of cymbals, , a bicycle horn, spoons and the rear assembly could be activated with a lever. I don’t remember what all was included, just how wonderful the entire ensemble sounded to my seven-year-old ears. My daughter likes to remind […]

The Boy Inventors’ Wireless Triumph – Literary Bricolage

It’s a book by Richard Bonner, published in 1929 by M. A. Donohue & Company. The chapter titles clue us in to the drama to come: A Marine Game of Blind-Man’s Bluff Ned Bangs’ Story The Chadwick Gas Guns Drawing a Rascal’s Fangs Herrera Is Not Caught Napping “It’s Death To Remain Here!” Dad! — It’s Jack! and the ever wonderful The Boy Inventors Solve a Problem *Spending this afternoon with My Two Grandballoons makes me aware of Boy Inventors […]