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fluxus artist’s books – a folded retrospective shakespeare to salinger

Over 200 books folded and fabulous. Found a copy of Joe McGinniss “The Selling of the President” in paperback – on my shelf from a U of A class in 1973, required reading and it MUST BE USED, will begin fluxing the book today. *This post written just after Sarah Palin went apeshit over McGinniss living next door to her Mozilla Home. The post here talks about folding books also.

FluxTubes and matchbook artist books

I’m currently involved in quite the project. My goal is 200 artist’s books (see previous posts) but rather than enclose the books in some type of boxlike contraption of my own choosing, I’m going to give them all away. I have large, heavy cardboard tubes (given to me by local freestyle site participant) that are 2-4 feet in length and 3-6 inches in diameter. These fluxtubes will dispense the matchbook artist books, similar to a public restroom condom dispenser. Gross […]

Sok Gallery

My goal, 200 artist books, seems almost attainable. I’m to 60+ books and the end of April (my self-imposed deadline) looms far not near. Yesterday’s additions derived from a new source! The Watergate Tapes… I’m folding the book that inspired my winning 3-D piece – “Fishing for Nixon”. Aged paperbacks fold nicely, thank you very much. The gallery photos arrive soon to an assemblagist near you… zestoretic 40 mg generic zocor dosage duration side effects Topamax yasmin drug interactions price […]