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Definition of Parallel Synchronized Randomness

Okay, I use the term lightly, the PSR of my assemblage art projects. But it’s not a triple-threat made in Dead Mule Studio, it truly has a mathematical purpose, a reason for existence. I learned of it in “The Science of Sleep” – an extraordinary and simultaneously disturbing and brilliant movie. To those who wish to delve into  parallel synchronized randomness — Imagine being asleep and dreaming about buying an ice cream cone, leaving the ice cream shoppe and then […]

Don’t close this browser window until upload is complete.

Are we ever really finished uploading the celestial orb? Wih the MacAir, the “don’t close” message is seemingly non-existent. When I worked in a Microsoft environment, I knew that the order to not close the window meant REALLY do NOT close the browser window… fatal system crashes would occur. *Update: In 2010, this type of message rarely occurs for the every-day web surfer. We have enough RAM to consider completing myriad tasks and objectives. The CPUs of old didn’t have […]