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Allen Bukoff’s new Fluxus.org project

Ahhh, for all us fluxus capacitors and instigators and collaborators, the latest of Flux is Available online. The link below is to my contribution and I realize how incredibly shallow that must seem but I’ve never claimed to be altruistic (but I do claim to be the World’s Possum Whispering Champion for FIVE years straight, take that you beyotches) Here is me and also Allen’s fabfluxfeeenom site. Watch Not as a Stranger the movie Monster from Green Hell the movie […]

Everybody was fluxus fightin’, that art was fast as lightnin’

Verily I say unto you… anyone can join in an argument of Fluxus Relativity. Therein lies the rub, the point, the purpose, of the Very Fluxus Which We Love. Agree with me not. Fluxus is a post-World War II international phenomenon, a sort of anti-movement that worked between the various media, spawning the term “intermedia.” Under its broad umbrella artists created works of an ephemeral nature, often mailing their products to other Fluxartists and their fans. Artists as major and […]