So glad no one reads this…

Bloggers make big bucks, this comes as a great surprise to me. I’ve blogged since 1997. Yup. Back to the days when one had to know HTML, before WordPress, blogging used to be called something else — like an online diary or something.

Paragraph line breaks are back. Who knows why? Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.

In the beginning, I wrote about how screwy this small town was. Now I accept its foibles, its odd governmental policies and the conservative attitudes as well as the ridiculous “it’s heritage not hate” mindset. 

It confuses the newly minted Washingtonians. It being mindset, government, inability to create policy that helps all citizens. Recently, the city governmental unit turned down the State’s proposal for a new throughway. Good on them, the new road would have decimated at least 3 housing communities all in the name of safety. Those of us who live here know that some strategically placed left-turn lights would save the citizens. Not road widening.

So, if you read through all that, good on you. A town of 10K …

See you in the funny papers, life is too weird,



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