Smoke on the Water with Sandy in the Clouds

One of the biggest local events is on tap for this weekend. Unfortunately, we have a storm to contend with now. I would imagine there are many small towns with big plans for this last weekend in October. It is traditionally Oktoberfest time as well as Halloween carnival time. The pumpkins here in the Pamlico Sound region are attracting lots of gnats and no-see-ums what with the warm, humid weather. The wind from the coming storm might be more than the bugs can handle. See? There is a good side to storms.

Detail of American Visionary.

My piece titled “American Visionary” placed in the Honorable Mention category at the Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show. The show, held in conjunction with Smoke on the Water, is truly a labor of love (much as I hate that phrase, it does sometimes apply as no other phrase can) . My next-door neighbor is the director of BCAC and seems to work pretty much 24/7 at his job. Joey Toler brings a sense of decorum and a genuine love of art to his position. He is not merely an administrator or grant-money-machine. His passion for art completes the Arts Council. But what about Eleanor and Katherine? It would take a dozen blog posts to express my gratitude and admiration for all that they do.

Artists in the Beaufort County area appreciate all the work Joey does for us. So do writers, as the Arts Council also is home to the Pamlico Writer’s Group. Almost two decades ago, I belonged to the writer’s group and the meetings took place in a local metal building contractor’s office. He generously allowed us to Xerox our stories so everyone at the meeting could read along with us as we offered our words up to critiques, praise, and open sharing — I always thought of it as slitting open a vein and, rather than blood, words flowed from our bodies in a steady stream.

Whenever a writer or an artist offers their work to the public, it is that same blood letting process. We open up a vein and watch our effort, our soul, drip out onto the floor.

I guess upcoming ideas about how to decorate for Halloween has me thinking of blood and gore… has me creating one-sided conversations with my inner being.

*The painkillers and medications I must consume in order to sit up or to walk (in general the drugs that allow me to be a semi-functioning adult human) also have me in a bit of a weird mindset. Duh. That’s a topic for consideration some other time. My being disabled? Not something I talk about very much here on The Assemblagist. I’m not ashamed of my physical limitations. I don’t try to hide my health “problems” — I simply find such discussions boring and don’t want to spend time on such things. Ya’ll know about such things… maybe.

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