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Currently, only 64% of the Assemblagist readers are English speaking Internet folks. How utterly charming is that? Apparently Russians read the Assemblagist since 16% of my readers come from that region of the world. Could be the cause is a proliferation of gaming sites mistakenly direct to me with some sort of URL hoochie coo? While such information details the title of this post, please do not concern yourself any further about the matter. Except to sing “U R L hoochie coo” all day, you know it’s stuck in your brain… URL Hoochie Coo, pretty Mama, light my fuse… Rick Derringer wants you to go out and spread the news…

Weekday Update

With bad puns in mind, I had a good one the other day “Blue Mule, you left me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.” I give you the link because the Mule contains some exquisite flash fiction today, a new story by Mule writer J. B. Hogan.

Started (or shall I say “attempted”) pottery at Carolyn Sleeper’s Slatestone Studio this last Monday. I was able to work with a nice small slab and create a Robert Container.

Back to the real Assemblagist world. Some of the most difficult realities artists and craftspeople face every day come from injuries to the hand. Statistics show carpel tunnel syndrome and torn rotator cuffs constitute 58% of all artistic complaints. A recent study in Ephorbia, conducted over 10 years with the compilation of results published a week ago in a leading Euphorbian scientific journal of some merit and note (C#), concluded the prevalence of “Grandmother’s Thumb”- type injuries becoming increasingly popular in the US Baby Boomer Art Group. New FluXus artist seem to be particularly prone to this injury. Check this link for more information on common Thumb Injuries and the need for a proper surgeon to address this problem.

If I title this blog post “Addressing Thumb Injuries With Surgery, What Options Are Available?“, Google would send many people to my site who truly wish for health information. I’ve done such titles in the the past and the comments I get range from belligerent to fuckyou. That’s why the link above truly sends you, the reader, to real information to help guide you toward the legitimate answer to your problem.

Back to the Euphorbian Hand Study.

Returning to the original intent of this post:  a most important informative study from Micro-Surgeon Dr. Littameer Flunks (Euphorbian National Institute of Medicine and Volley Ball, MSDD, FRNP, DDN) which found women of grandmotherly status who hand-polished and waxed kitchen floors suffered basal thumb injuries of dramatic proportions. In the case of this assemblagist (Valerie MacEwan), doctors concluded a visitation to Dr. Richard Zeri at ECU would be the proper course of action.

Those of you wondering what the hell is the point of this, it is that I will soon have surgery on my thumb, not sure if it will involve fusion or joint replacement but soon soon, something must be done. One rheumatololgist at ECU called it “Grandmother’s Thumb”, honestly Dr. Treadwell did that, but I can’t find any other reference to such an injury by that moniker. My poor right thumb is shot to hell, just does not function without pain. Fortunately, typing works since my thumb is permanently inward toward my palm which means the space bar function causes no pain for it.

Well, I guess that’s about enough information for one sitting (or setting, if you are getting the forks and knives out for dinner). I just gosh darn hope this is over and done with by the Holiday Season so I can deck my halls without dysfunction.

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