Sent in Proposal for “People in Space”

I cfluxfacean’t reveal the details yet. Will wait for response from Berwick Institute before continuing with dialog for “People in Space” proposal. The possibilities! Oh the possibilities! A 2010 Fluxus Happening in Singapore.

Fluxus in Singapore.

How absolutely terrific a prospect that is.
The People in Space effort seems to oddly parallel or, at the very least compliment, the FluxFace in Space idea first posited by Cecil Touchon.

The What Are We Waiting For? which I have created and sent to the appropriate email is an idea which seems destined for greatness. Then again, the I can’t help but admire the thought behind:

An interactive artistic research delegation to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

[My idea (which, I promise, will be revealed after Aug 17) can be utilized anywhere.] To quote from the People in Space Project:

What Are We Waiting For? is a curated project by Daniel S. DeLuca and Sandrine Schaefer as a facet of the People in Space Project – An interactive artistic research delegation to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.  What Are We Waiting For? invites creative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds to consider the context of waiting in lines as an opportunity to spark the imagination through unexpected actions and interactions.  We are looking for ideas that are simple to implement, have a strong concept, and engage the people waiting in line. Proposals that are selected will be performed by a team of expert practitioners in and through the lines present at the Shanghai World Expo Pavilions.  You come up with the actions and we implement them as your surrogate!

Back to the FluxFace in Space comment of earlier dimensions. Here is the skinny, the low-down on the project. It’s not to late to participate. Say it again, my people, It’s Not Too Late to Participate. Once more with rhythmic unity, oooohhhhhmmmm, “It’s not too late // to participate // it is not too late // to participate.” Cease. Now read the specs copied and pasted into the area below:

Fluxface in Space Fluxhibition STS-133 & STS-134:
The Fluxmuseum Goes on the Last Shuttle Missions to Space.

Gary A. Bibb in collaboration with Cecil Touchon have [sic] conceived an exciting new exhibition project for the Fluxmuseum. Using the Face In Space Program from NASA – we are organizing a “Fluxface in Space” exhibition to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! Artists are to create one original postcard sized work of art in any media (preferably collage/ photo-montage) with the themes of Space Exploration & the Arts, the Shuttle Program, Outerspace, Rockets, Astronauts, Astronomy etc . This will be a commemorative project around the fact that the Space Shuttle program is coming to an end after these last two flights.
Call for Works
What to do:
  • Create a work of art 4×6 inches in size on paper about Space Exploration, Astronomy, the Universe etc. with the words – Fluxface in Space, for a Fluxmuseum exhibition. In addition, 1) jpg. photo of the art   2) one jpg. photo of you holding the art – same size as the art, 4×6. NOTE: see the helpful hints below for guidance.
  • Register and upload the photo of you holding (or with) the artwork to NASA:
  • ONCE REGISTERED include the NASA conformation number on back of the artwork and photograph along with the Space Shuttle mission number, artist name, country, website and/or email address.
  • Email jpg. (4″ x 6″ 180 dpi – max) images of the artwork and the photo along with your name, country and Shuttle mission # for the online exhibition to:
  • You also have the opportuniity to submit a statement related to space exploration and the arts – not required but appreciated. (250 word maximum). Please email with the images for the web exhibition.
DEADLINE TO UPLOAD PHOTO (of you with the art) TO NASA:          AUGUST 1, 2010  –
NOTE: see the helpful hints below for guidance.

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