Sean Bertran Owes Morrow an Apology

If you walked outside your house one morning and looked next door, saw your neighbor’s car had been spray painted with graffiti and defaced — what would you do? Well, you’d alert your neighbor and if your neighbor wasn’t home, you’d call the police. Right? No question about it. If the graffiti was written as a racial slur, would that make your reaction any different? Would you photograph the slur and then post it on the Internet and tell everyone your neighbor was a racist or a bigot?

No, of course you wouldn’t. (I’m assuming here that you know your neighbor and your neighbor is not a bigot or a racist, so bear with me in this analogy). Your common sense and knowledge of your neighbor  would certainly indicate to you that someone else wrote the graffiti. Your neighbor didn’t spray paint his own car.

So why is it okay to do the same with — let’s say — a Twitter account? It is obvious that Deborah Morrow, SC candidate for Congress, is not homophobic. It would be apparent to anyone who read even the least bit of information about her that this would be the one thing she would NOT EVER be. This is the problem I have with c*n*knuckles like Sean Bertran.

Rather than commit an ethical act, rather than do the decent thing, like contacting the Morrow campaign and alerting them to the offensive tweets because the messages obviously came from someone other than Deb Morrow, c*n*knuckles like Sean wallow in their own discontent and commit despicable acts — acts even more heinous than the ones he “supposedly” reports.

While we’re teaching political science in universities these days, could we make sure political philosophy courses and ethics courses are not only taught to, but are also PASSED by, students? I think Sean skipped out of the courses he needed to take, the ones I took at the U of AR, the U of SC, and other universities… hell, even Symbolic Logic could have been applied to the Twitter + Tweets argument of Deb Morrow’s account and a null result would have been reached. Youngsters like Sean need to know the Hegelian Dialectic — let their actions result in synthesis on occasion.

Could we all stop trying so hard to screw up someone’s reputation through innuendo and deceit and work instead to win a political battle based on the good fight — POLICY – not personality? Andrew Breitbart is a prime example of what happens when mean lives in your soul and spirit — your heart implodes. Breitbart was the physical manifestation of the soul-less man. I’ll pray for Sean’s soul. I’ll hope his “career” takes a turn for the better, for the ethical and moral better and that he can live up to what I am sure his parents expect from him. He’s young. He’ll learn either to create an aura of respectability around his persona or he’ll follow the route of so many others (from both extreme ends of the political spectrum) and act the fool, rejoicing when he hurts another through spiteful self-congratulatory means.

Grow up, Sean Bertran. Apologize to the lady. Show the other young Turks in DC how to behave admirably. Put ethics ahead of politics and say this was a horrid thing to happen to a nice lady. Then say the same to Trey Gowdy and Lindsay Graham, tell them you are glad you were able to help HELP someone to remove those slurs because you really just wanted to do the right thing. You wanted to stand up for the people who are bullied online — not become one of the bullies.

You can comment here, I’ll leave the comments open for 36 hours or so. I’ll delete the comments I don’t like, I get to do that, it’s my blog and I pre-approve all comments, so don’t waste your time being vindictive, no one will see it, not even me because my spam filter will take it away. Be a man. Apologize.


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    4 Responses to Sean Bertran Owes Morrow an Apology

    1. marie griffin says:

      I would have a lot more respect for Sean if he’d act like a man and apologize. I realize he’s young, but what he did is despicable.

      The Morrow campaign is investigating the alleged tweets. We have been told that the IP can be traced. A member of our team has also sent articles to Twitter, so the Twitter team will hopefully take the security issues seriously.

      I’m very disappointed in many of the comments I’ve seen. I believe stupidity is a much greater threat to society than any malicoius hacker hiding behind a computer. (i don’t mean to insinuate that all hackers are evil, as many are looking out for the good folks).

      i just wish more people could analyze things the way you do. It simply doesn’t make sense for someone like Deb or anyone on her staff to make those kinds of comments. i also wonder why no one has questioned the fact that Sean is the only person who saw the tweets?

      Thank you for your thoughtful article. I hope people will read and share. We all need to learn not to be so quick to believe what we hear.

    2. Hear, hear! Well said, Val. Could be a lesson for all of politics, in fact. SPEAK THE TRUTH! And, people of this nation, seek out the truth, please, before latching on to every bit of scurrilous crap you encounter.

    3. Sharon Purvis says:

      Other than the “c*n*knuckles” bit, which I would have left out, you’re right on. But name-calling frankly does nothing to elevate your argument, and I found that a bit disappointing. Bravo, though, for calling him out. I thought the graffiti on the car analogy was excellent.

    4. VMac says:

      You are completely on point when you take me to task for calling Sean a nasty epithet. It was/is unprofessional of me (good thing I’m not a professional, eh?). The bit of nastiness was added purely for comic relief because I know that word makes my friends do a spit take. For us, it comes from The Oatmeal and I suppose it has no place in this blog post. Duckweasel is a better word. Interestingly enough, a Google search of c*n* gets this product … isn’t it funny how our minds always go into the gutter when we see * replace a letter?

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