Sean Bertran

Earlier this week, I alleged Sean Bertran hacked Deb Morrow’s Twitter account and tweeted slurs against her opponent in an effort to draw attention to himself and to drag Deb Morrow’s name through the dirt. It’s just the sort of dirty politics some young kid just out of college who’s never had a real job except lifeguard-ing would do… what a little cuntknuckle Sean Bertran is…


nah… he didn’t… update time — Sean doesn’t know enough about computer code, doesn’t have enough influence or knowledge of the Internet to have hacked a Twitter account. Sorry, the accusation is redacted. No, Sean, you didn’t do it. You may well be the twit we think you are, but you, sir, are no hacker. This becomes glaringly obvious when you understand how little this cretin knows about social media and online presence. He doesn’t have the balls or the intellect to create any type of social media stir that he could back up with any semblance of integrity. Go back to your hole, Sean, I’m sure someone will hire you now and dwell with you in that crevice.

SO, I will, on my own volition, after researching Sean’s character and subsequent lack of it, back down from accusing him of hacking and merely say he’s a duckweasel. A little twirp who’s a scourge upon society. Nasty little fucker. He should go really far in the GOP dirty little fucker groups he wants to inhabit.

–end of redact–

Seriously, draw attention to yourself and think you’re being clever, primp and preen for the press about how awful that woman is — and then you laugh about it, right?

Sean Bertran must be the one who tweeted that homophobic baloney– and I hope he gets caught. Twitter will find you, Bertran, and out you for the weasel you are, if you did it. You can’t hide from anything on the Internet, the truth will always win.


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