Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth: Etsy Sales Witch and Bully

I’m creating an artist’s book about  a man named Lester Belt who was a dog astrologer in the 1930-1940s. His  name comes up only a couple times online — once for a photo in an old Life Magazine and another for a patent application. When I googled him, the other side of the Life magazine page came up on Etsy for sale — in a shop owned by a Wiccan witch in Derby, CT. I sent an email to Alicia Lyon Folberth, the shop owner, on the chance I could PAY her to scan the backside of the page she offered for sale. This woman wanted $45 for a single page from the magazine. I can buy the ENTIRE magazine, the whole issue, for $6.99 on Amazon, so one lesson here is beware of etsy price gougers.  Another lesson here is, witches can be bitches.

First message, sent from me to her:

Listing:***information removed

I’m probably not buying the Life centerfold but I really would appreciate a bit of off the wall information — the page behind it — the Lester Belt with a dog page — I have Lester Belt’s dog astrology book (the original from which he made copies) and I really would love to have a copy of that page. What would you charge to scan it for me, to send it as a .pdf?

I don’t need for you to remove it from mat or anything, I just want a photo or a scan of the Lester Belt page.

Thanks for listening, and maybe, thanks for helping,

Valerie MacEwan

Alicia Lyon Folberth’s response:

So….I am just supposed to do that for free. Do strangers ask you to work for free? I’m a graphic designer as well, and I charge more per hour than it would cost to buy the print.

My reply:

No, of course I’m not asking you to do it for free. I said, and I quote, “What would you charge to scan it for me?” Wow. No where did I imply I wanted it for free. Never mind. You’re so unpleasant, I wouldn’t buy anything from you. Ever.

And her response:

I am sick to death of people haggling like Etsy is a flea market. Buy an item or not, but never ask to get something cheaper. You would never ask this of a commercial retailer.

Please, never buy from me.

For the record, I never haggle nor do I question the prices on Etsy. And yes, as an assemblagist, I do ask people to scan items for me rather than destroy the original. I would ask a commercial retailer to do that… because they could make some $$ off of me AND then sell the original item to someone who wanted that particular thing.
And secondly, NEVER MIND BITCH, I got a copy from someone PLEASANT enough to scan it for me. Geezh. Took ’em about 10 secs. from start to email.
Bitter, angry, unattractive women often find some kind of twisted pleasure screaming at happy, content, attractive women.
I feel sorry for this woman, her life must be miserable and she must be a truly small-minded unloved Wiccan whose magick shop closed because of the recession and not because of her unattractive personality.
I sure do seem to attract unhappy unpleasant unloved women who want to slap the happy-me down when they meet the happy-me online. Jennifer Kosharek in FL went apeshit batass crazy when I used the term “FluxusSouth” one time in a FB post years ago. The world is a huge place. There is room in it for everyone. You stay on your side of the internets and I’ll stay on mine.
Think twice before buying anything from a Derby, CT witch named Alicia Lyon Folberth, the ex-wife of “Rusty Lee Freeman, also known as the Reverend Rapid Cabot Freeman, [sic] is a fat middleaged dork who likes to pretend he is a high priest of a fake religion and also likes to pretend to be an American Indian. “
I’ll stop ranting about this now. I just HATE ugly mean people.
update: I am not alone. From FACEBOOK:

I know a lady, a priestess of sorts, not a Mambo but a priestess, named Alicia LyonFolberth. I am sure any of you who catch her posts have seen that she has long been posting about constant problems – with roommates, with other people in the pagan community. She’s been bullied for sure, no two ways about that, and a few men really have done horrible things, even going after her children. But the problems just never seem to end and they seem to be everywhere.


Today she posted something about Native Americans and immigration. I said something that boiled down to, well, I see this a little differently, and here is what my experience has been as an immigrant to other countries outside the USA.


The result? “You are out of line! You’re attacking me! I take abuse from no one. You underestimate me. Learn some manners while you are at it.”


I said to this lady, “Whoa, wait a minute. Remember me? Mambo Racine? The person who has supported you and at least until today, genuinely liked you and wanted to see things go well for you?”


I got more ranting, I got unfriended and blocked after a few more hateful comments.  So now I have to say it here! I have never seen such ugly behavior from Alicia Lyon Folberth. I don’t know if she is off her meds, I don’t know if she is stressing about someone or something else, but “I see this issue differently from you” is certainly no rational reason for Alicia’s behavior. This is the kind of angry intolerance I expect – from the other team!


ALICIA LYON FOLBERTH! If you keep throwing your friends away and alienating people who care about you, are the bullies going to treat you better with all your million problems?




Mambo Racine


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