Online Bullying — Does it spread to hacking Twitter accounts?

It’s a confusing online world we live in. Sometimes the truth is out there but it’s so very difficult to find. Take the dismal Twitter account hack of Deb Morrow’s Congressional information Twitter account. This woman is trying her damndest to get into the fight, the political fight and she’s an honest hard-working decent person. She really is. I defy anyone to find anything nasty about her anytime in her entire life. She’s one of the good guys (gals). So here’s this stupid homophobic couple of tweets on an account run by her campaign staff, another group of really decent nice people. It’s nasty when a bully like Sean Bertran who is trying desperately to make a name for himself however he can, even if it means trashing good people and perhaps? hacking their Twitter accounts? to immediately condemn Morrow and not take the time to do some research about the completely bogus hacked comments.

If you don’t know about the specific event — doesn’t matter a whole lot in this discussion because you just need to know a Twitter account was hacked and two nasty homophobic posts were tweeted — understand I’m ranting because people like Sean Bertran sometimes get away with nasty tricks because people, like me, don’t call them out.

I know the account was hacked. I deduced the account was hacked. How? I looked at Deb Morrow’s personal history and knew she isn’t the type of person to even think those things, let alone tweet them. So here’s this young kid, fresh out of the College Republican clubhouse who “finds” these tweets and sends them immediately to the news. Really? How convenient for him… he’s trying to find his way into the nasty club in DC, where the dogs play for keeps and will shit on you for smiling, and he just happens to be trying out at a social media group, trying out for the stage play that is national politics and he “finds” two nasty tweets…

This is Internet bullying at its worst. Why the worst? Simple, it ruins, or attempts to ruin, not only a woman’s reputation but her career and that of those who are with her in this campaign. Mean. Stupid. Nasty. Dirty. Tricks. Sean Bertran boasts (tweets his boasts) that he is now a “big dog”. No, Sean, you are a weasel. A small little weasel trying to swim in the pool where the lifeguards want you to drown.

This Sean kid even believes his dirty trick is equal to “Deep Throat” in some sort of misogynistic reference to something which he, despite a “degree in political science” obviously has no knowledge of — the Nixon era and Watergate (real journalism, boys and girls).

So, this Bertran kid who wants to be a social media consultant does not understand that when an account is hacked, you freeze the account and you report the hack. He thinks, he brags, that he shut Morrow’s campaign Twitter account down. Methinks the “social media consultant” might need to go back to school. I shutter to think of the advice he would give a future client. Perhaps he would have told them to argue back on Twitter, to tweet something even more offensive rather than stopping the dismal parade of obviously hacked messages. You know, judging from that Twitter profile photo, Sean, maybe you’re the homophobe, just saying …

Grow up, Bertran. If you want to run with the big dogs, learn how to jump off the porch.

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