Morrow for Congress and back to artistic ventures

It seems that the whole hacking incident involving Deb Morrow’s twitter feed is now resolved. What a relief! Deb Morrow put it to rest. She exhibited grace under pressure and refrained from naming anyone suspected to be involved in the debacle.

We’re pursuing every technological method to find out the origin of the message. As of yet, we have received no confirmation that anyone other than a young Republican in Washington D.C. even saw the original tweet. Once we have fully investigated the source and tightened our security, we will begin tweeting again, because the campaign has important things to say.

Read her blog post. Did I ever mention my degrees in History and Political Science? Graduate school adventures? Move on.

Score one for the home team. Online bullying will not be tolerated.

With that behind us, we can move on to new adventures. Maybe deadmule will tweet again… stranger things have happened.

Art! Assemblages! And some Darling Fluxus. Time to build another online gallery for everyone. Hang on — I rec’d Michael J. Hammel’s The Artist’s Guide to GIMP, creative techniques for photographers, artists, and designers and the work begins! If the review of the book is to be successful, it will mean the mastery of GIMP.

I have barely mastered the glue stick and scissors.


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