Mockingbird Brothers leave storm offerings at back door

Every time I let the dogs outside, something new is near the door. On the mat. I thought Roxie (dog) was leaving objects for my attention. Now I realize it must be the Mockingbird Brothers. They were in the raintree on a limb just over the garage, right there… guilty.

These old safety/welding glasses are pretty fab. eh?

So far there are four objects. I will check for more… oops, found another, and another … food? a coffee cake? dog treats? and Abraham Lincoln.

This whole Sandy the Storm business is just plain upsetting to birds, humans, dogs, cats and probably the mouse that live in the fireplace aren’t too happy either. And Thompson, the Jack Russell, just barfed in the living room. Storm stress. Or could be the coffee cake …

This whole business started when I found a Rescue Hero on the doormat. I tweeted that one. Then I realized … hmmmmm, some awfully strange business could be happening here. Maybe it’s not just the dog finding toys the boys left behind in the yard. Maybe the Mockingbird Brothers are in on this ….


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