Learning about Book Binding from Lisa Beth Robinson

Ah, my minions… this day finds your concern for my artistic well-being both touching and unnecessary. You see, dear ones, I’ve been immersing myself in a new form of expression — Book Making! The Pocosin Arts Craft Center in Columbia, NC hosts a marvelous 4 day event each year – The Cabin Fever Reliever. This year, their eleventh, brought ECU’s finest to teach us amazing techniques. No less than Bob Ebendorf taught jewelry making with found objects, and for me, it was all about Books with Lisa Beth Robinson, also of ECU origins as of late. Having never considered or studied bookbinding or any related proclivity, the time spent in the bookbinding area proved informative AND FUN. Lisa Beth’s personality, her ebullient character and cheerful demeanor, added much to the workshop. She’s such a caring, accepting young woman — a true joy to behold.

Lisa Beth crammed a year’s worth of information into very few hours. For someone who didn’t know a signature from a postcard, I am amazed at how much we covered. Italian long-stitch, Turkish map fold, ribbon bindings, Lisa Beth’s infamous Pantaloon-ees, and so very much more. Photos in gallery with link here. We of the c

lass learned everything from preparing the signatures to pasting endsheets. One of the most valuable lessons learned? How to apply paste. Yes, it’s true, this artist never comprehended the joy she would find in pasting correctly WITH a BRUSH, from the center OUT to the edges, using a piece of WAXED PAPER under the page on which the glue would be applied. (Yes, Lisa Beth, I listened.)

Upon returning to God’s Little Cesspool, I showed my “work” to friend Al Pridgen who — unbelievably — created a book press and sewing station for me from the instructions given in Aldren A. Watson‘s classic manual: Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instruction.  Anyone interested in owning a Pridgen Bookmaker’s Press can contact me.

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