Junior High Slumber Parties, ooooh!

Taken from an email to Amanda:

Went to grade school with a boy named Titsworth.

Altered book

And a girl named, I swear to God, Frankie Lookey*. She had flaming red curly hair. I have a wonderful story for you about her:

Her brother lived in the attic, pull down stairs so it was little more than a crawl space… he was high school age, we were in 7th grade. 1967 or ’68.

Once, when I spent the night at her house with friend Roberta Turner — we frequently had “slumber parties” in her family’s camper trailer where we opened up all the foldable beds like the kitchen table one and the couch one  and made the whole trailer a giant flat mattress — we’d play “holy roller” and “save” each other by rolling into the sides of the trailer walls and pretending to speak in tongues.

Anyway, this one night, we were playing holy roller and Frankie’s grandmother came out and started screaming at us to “GET OUT OF THE TRAILER NOW!!!” and we thought we were in trouble for making fun of her grandmother’s church but no —

there was a tornado headed toward Fort Smith and we all had to go down to the ‘fraidy hole. I kid you not. There was a mound of earth in the back yard with a door in it, we had to go down some rock stairs into the hole that must have been maybe 6 ft square and 10 feet under ground and sit on wooden planks while her grandmother held a candle and her mom had a dimly lit flashlight, her dad a kerosene lantern.

Some slumber parties you just never forget.

*name changed to protect my faulty memory banks…

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