Is Contentment a Form of Art?

I find my garden, my yard, and even my sidewalk to be sources of inspiration for art work. Alive with color even in winter, the textures and subtle shading found in bark or decaying leaves during gray days of overcast skies and threatening wind send me indoors with new ideas for even more assemblages.

Inspired by Hurricane Irene

I’ve learned from my whittling friend Al that one needs to shellac or polyurethane wood brought in for reformation. The green sticks he whittles will dry up and crack and all his hours of work are for naught. So now he dries the sticks unless he just can’t help himself from carving on one — then he whittles and when through, puts a finish on it as soon as it is dry enough. I don’t know what the true method is for this, how artisans and carvers harden the wood or preserve it. The wood sticks Al and I work with come from the dog park for the most part. It’s a way to pass time while watching our dogs smash into each other in mock battles — to the death! they think they are so tough.

I am in awe of my life these days. Warm sun, good friends, happy dogs, content family, superb husband and all day to make art. If attitude could be bottled and sold, you would seek the potion I would hawk on midnight infomercials.


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  1. umberto says:

    this post makes me happy.
    i remember driving out to blounts creek in the spring to deliver flowers. i would feel submerged in contentment. a stoopid sounding sentence, i know, but dead on how i felt.
    i feel that way here a lot. hard to take a walk — dazzling red cliffs competing with shards of horse hooves, sand-smoothed bottle glass (high desert take on beach glass) and green, white and black rocks. good neck exercise.
    i’m just glad your mood is better after all that crap with your body.
    i used to dwell on my impending death all the time. ALL the time. my parents died young and naturally i planned on following suit.
    here, i want to live forever. well, at least another 10 or 20 years.
    of course, that will involve taking better care of myself. glurp.

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