How to get WebRoot off your Mac

In the interest of the frustrated public, here’s how you take WebRoot off your Mac.

Open the WebRoot window. Go to the General Settings and you’ll find a whole bunch of clickable options … find the one that allows to to Shut Down WebRoot. It is not checked by default for some users, others may have inadvertently unchecked this option. Check it .. get out of the WebRoot window. Now, go up to the top right of your Mac, to the left of your name, your search option, notifications, bluetooth icons, and find the WebRoot icon.

You should now be able to Turn OFF log out of shut down WebRoot. That option probably was shadowed and unavailable before this — right? Now you can shut it down from the icon.

After shutting it down, go to the Applications folder, find WebRoot and drag the icon to the trash, when you are asked, by WebRoot if you want to UNINSTALL, you’re going to click hell yes, oh wait, that’s not an option, click yes, login your user password and BLAMMO. It’s gone.

It’s an ok app. But a real memory hog on an older iMac. I’m not slamming it, had it for years but I don’t want to buy a new subscription. So I need to be able to say good bye to whatever I want off my Mac. That’s why we have Macs — click, drag, done.

hope this helps. If it does, let me know on Facebook.

see you on the internets.


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