fluxus artist’s books – a folded retrospective shakespeare to salinger

Over 200 books folded and fabulous. Found a copy of Joe McGinniss “The Selling of the President” in paperback – on my shelf from a U of A class in 1973, required reading and it MUST BE USED, will begin fluxing the book today. *This post written just after Sarah Palin went apeshit over McGinniss living next door to her Mozilla Home. The post here talks about folding books also.

The list of books used in this process continues below in the list:

FluxBox Library

Books repurposed and restored — mostly paperbacks circa 1950-1970 and not first editions (duh) in May 2010:

The Watergate Tapes
The Catcher in the Rye
Pentagon Papers
NC State Textbooks circa 1930s (the paper used in these books folds like a dream, crisp and precise but it can crackle and tear)
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Mail Art FluxBoo

Webster’s Dictionary (paperback 1970s ed)
and more…

Vintage Bottles

Some of the more interesting objects purchased this month thus far are the bottles from Tayloe Pharmacy, found by a diver (?) somewhere in the waters of the Pamlico River. Other bottles of this collection have the original labels, lots of Squill, powdered squill still IN the container. I’m thinking squill is the ultimate remedy or death knell, therefore it must be Fluxus. Fluxus Powdered Squill, available today only. (not) I have at least two dozen bottles, probably more like four dozen. The collection of antique bottles is for sale, each bottle priced individually as some are pre-Civil War era. Fascinating history in vintage bottles … lots of sources online. I will post photographs of all the bottles later this week. A John Bull sarsaparilla bottle on ebay currently has over $150 bid and I have bottles much more precious than that. Betcha’ can’t wait to see ’em! They’re authentic, that’s the coolest part, came from right here in town…

The Naming of Current Fluxus debate continues.

The argument/discussion is itself so Fluxus that one can truly enjoy the debate as a Happening.

No Opium, Powdered Squill

The Fluxus Name Change Debate

1. Logon to Facebook
2. Find Fluxus Pages
3. Argue. Comment. Contribute.
*prompt: Dead or Alive. Insignificant or of Great Importance. Literal or Virtual. Real or Imagined.
4. Follow FB link to website or URL not contained within Facebook.
5. Continue living your digital existence.

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