FluxTubes and matchbook artist books

I’m currently involved in quite the project.

My goal is 200 artist’s books (see previous posts) but rather than enclose the books in some type of boxlike contraption of my own choosing, I’m going to give them all away. I have large, heavy cardboard tubes (given to me by local freestyle site participant) that are 2-4 feet in length and 3-6 inches in diameter. These fluxtubes will dispense the matchbook artist books, similar to a public restroom condom dispenser. Gross analogy. Perhaps “similar to a tampon dispenser” or … pick your image.

NuvoFluxus -- Vol. 1, Issue 256

Photos of the entire project online tonight. Picture this in your mind as a preview:

remove matches from matchbook
fold pages taken from a 1930’s third grade arithmetic book, then cut to create 8 pages
insert into matchbook and staple at top.

more later…

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