Five O’Clock — The Hour of Transition


A response* to Alicia Schindler’s personal essay in the NYTimes [12-01-2014] .

Ms. Schindler wrote a blog post about her “aging” father’s knack for calling just as she began preparing dinner. [Motherlode: Living the Family Dynamic] The post struck a chord with readers and, to date, has elicited over 98 comments.

Mom explained it this way: For most of her adult life, five p.m. to six p.m. was the transition hour. Daddy came home from work, children tumbled in from the yard and sat down to homework, she began to fix dinner — we all transitioned both physically and mentally from public life to personal.

She thought this hour magicalVAL MACEWAN assemblagist. For almost 30 years, the predictable week day pattern remained firmly entrenched and it gave her comfort. Such stability provided her a reliable framework from which she could face the post-war

 “I see you’re done listening. I’ll let you go,” he said, and then continues. “But if you could understand how it feels to be a burden, to have nothing to look forward to in this world and to hurt so bad…”



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