Don’t close this browser window until upload is complete.

Are we ever really finished uploading the celestial orb? Wih the MacAir, the “don’t close” message is seemingly non-existent. When I worked in a Microsoft environment, I knew that the order to not close the window meant REALLY do NOT close the browser window… fatal system crashes would occur. *Update: In 2010, this type of message rarely occurs for the every-day web surfer. We have enough RAM to consider completing myriad tasks and objectives. The CPUs of old didn’t have enough memory to download a new program or software package while performing other functions. The reason for the warning appears to be one for older CPUs.

On Thanksgiving I created an analogy between downloading PIE and downloading a software program. It was lame and not received well at all by my critics. But the gist of the theory at hand was that to eat all the required food placed upon the Thanksgiving groaning board, one’s system would suffer a severe overload and our body browser would crash. Lame, eh?

Can life become so ornately disorganized that we forget to download our distress and trust in the almighty — the leftover Thanksgiving, fight for it, wake up in the middle of the night and find it, warm it for one minute in the microwave, get me some vanilla Breyer’s ice cream, forget the fork – I’ll use my fingers, the one and only, most important of all

last piece of


We had pecan pie. We had Tar Heel pie. We had cinnamon scones for breakfast. We had sweet ‘taters with pecan crunchy topping. We had a spiral cut ham from Fresh Market. We brined a turkey a la Alton Brown recipe. Smashed potatoes with an entire stick of butter and some whipping cream mixed into it. Ubiquitous green bean casserole. Cranberry relish. Scratch yeast rolls. Cornbread – the sour cream kind. Bourbon sugar glaze pecans for nibbling…

It is my favorite  day. An American holiday centered around food. Eating. Just a day of eating. And most of the family except the Mathematical One Who Must Remain Afar. She will return to the fold soon enough.

So, for the day, at least, Assemblage means the chemical properties of flour when mixed with egg, of salt and poultry… and family. Some of it.

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