Dogs are healthy and hearty — hale and all that!

Tblue-buffalo-basics-adult-salmon-dry-dog-foodhompson is keeping food down again. He was throwing up every meal, no matter what I fed him. At 15, it’s rough to be a Jack Russell and try to keep up with the 3 year old Monkey Dogs (part feist, part ? but Zooeybutt really looks like a miniature pit bull, very funny — obviously she’s not but one day someone stopped me to ask what breed? and I said mini-pit and she believed me. Duh. Not true.) Anyway, after a week of rice and chicken thighs, we tried him on the  Blue Buffalo Basics. It only has 6 ingredients and apparently, those were the six he needed. It’s $50 a 34 lb bag, so with 4 dogs to feed, I think the need for the GoFundMe was obvious. Amazing stuff for an ailing loved one.




I was ready to say good bye to Thomp. He’d lost so much weight, skin and bones and lots of skin because his hair was falling out. Poor old guy, we thought, as we lifted him onto the bed at night. We’d already put the box springs and mattress on the floor about 6 months ago, so he could jump up — but he’d lost that ability. We put a pillow on the floor for the jump-down part of his morning. Anyway, now he’s eating the Basic with some really high end wet food thrown in and he’s gained weight and goes up and down back porch steps with the other dogs. Who knew!? Right? Ready to take him to the dog house in the sky and he bounces back.

That’s yall’s doing. Or as someone dear to me says, Yall’s’s. Yall’s is, pronunciation. Love my southern children.

Again about the Blue Buffalo Blue Basics Limited Ingredients. No renumeration for mentioning them but by golly, I had 2 sick dogs and a couple of hyper from the wrong food Monkey Dogs but the Blue Buffalo straightened them all out. My guys eat the Salmon and Potato recipe and I cannot recommend it highly enough. My theory has always been to give dogs high quality dog food and they won’t need a vet. Not picking on vets but if you keep your dogs rid of fleas, intestinal worms, and feed them high quality food, your vet visits are limited to check ups and vaccines.

Roxanne’s skin cleared up within a week. No more red spots and squirrely chewing. The Shar Pei part of her really has skin trouble. Someone told me pit bulls have a lot of food problems that bug their skin so I followed the Get High Quality Dog Food hints from forums as well as the Stay Away From Chicken in the food because of allergies advice. Not picking on chicken bits, chicken meal gives dogs some needed nutritional elements — it’s just not for my dogs.

Thanks. God bless you all.



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